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Get in-game items, skins and gold for free

By using resources of your computer

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51.4Mb, Windows 7+


Creates for gamers

It's Fast
Start earning items right after you download the app
It's Safe
The application uses only a graphics card and a CPU to process the data
You can still play games
The app launches when your computer is idle

Support popular games



World of Tanks

World of Warships

Playerunknown's battlegrounds


And 25 other games

Your possibilities with Game Machine

Get reward in one click

After registration it is enough to press one button and the process of mining will begin. You will receive the first award in 1 hour. The program will automatically stop or slow down if you use the computer.

Complete tasks from partners

Perform tasks of varying complexity from our advertising partners and earn even more.

Change to items

Exchange coins for things in your favorite game. Instantly get all the items on your Steam account, Wargaming or

Items in favorite games

Farm in 1d
Galil AR
Farm in 1d
Farm in 3d
Farm in 2d
SSG 08
Farm in 3d
StatTrak™ PP-Bizon
Farm in 3d
StatTrak™ P90
Farm in 20d
Farm in 9d
StatTrak™ Negev
Farm in 1d
StatTrak™ AWP
Farm in 11d
And more 231 items CS:GO
Peregrine Flight
Farm in 2d
Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls
Farm in 3d
Spine of the Basilisk
Farm in 1d
The Dreaded Bravo Set
Farm in 1d
The Caustic Consumption Set
Farm in 1d
Inscribed Searing Dominator
Farm in 2d
Inscribed Focal Resonance
Farm in 4d
Cryogenic Embrace Set
Farm in 1d
Inscribed Arms of Desolation
Farm in 6d
Gifts of Fortune Set
Farm in 2d
And more 117 items DOTA 2
Farm in 1d
And more 12 items World of Tanks
Farm in 1d
And more 6 items World of Warships


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Download client

51.4Mb, Windows 7+

How it works


Download Game Machine and sign up in the system


Get coins by following the instructions


Exchange coins for items in your favorite games

Download client

51.4Mb, Windows 7+


How install Game Machine app on Windows?

Download the application from our site and run the installer. Since Game Machine is in the open beta stage, there may be conflicts with antivirus programs on your computer. If you use the client from our site, you have nothing to fear. Just stop the antivirus while installing the program and add Game Machine to the antivirus exceptions.

How start earn money in Game Machine?

After installation, please log in to your account. If you do not already have an account, simply register it. Registration is available in the program itself. At the first start, be sure to pass the test (it will start automatically). The program will analyze your computer and give out an average ball and forecasts for the farming of coins.

Coins not earn, but farming is work. What to do?

Contact us for technical support inside the application (button "Support") or to mail [email protected]

How long does it take to transfer the game?

Depending on the loading of the inter-gateway, the output time may differ. Most often, the conclusion occurs within 10 minutes.

Why do antivirus and Windows do not trust a program?

Although Windows defender and other antiviruses take Game Machine for a harmful app, it is not a secret miner or a virus. Game Machine miner starts and stops only when you wish and click a button. Why do warnings pop up then?

To protect users from illegal intrusion, all antiviruses take any miner for a harmful app and block it. While Game Machine is on beta-testing, it spreads without a digital signature and is not in a trusted applications list. We will get a certificate soon.

What to do?

The simplest way is to disable an antivirus during Game Machine installation. If it does not work, you will add Game Machine miner to the exclusions list. It looks like this:


Add to the Windows exclusions list

Click on System and Security on Control Panel and choose Allow a program through Windows Firewall. Then:

1. Change settings — Allow another app
2. Browse — Find Game Machine — Add

Add to the antivirus exclusions list
Detailed how-to for Kaspersky, Nod32 и Avast you can find on websites. The basic is general:

1. Go to General Setting — Exclusion — Browser
2. Find the miner file — Add

Done! Neither antivirus, nor Windows will be worried anymore.

Test is failed and doesn’t get passed

Before starting mining Game Machine tests user’s computer to identify equipment power and counts speed of mining.
If the application lags during the test, there are two reasons:

1. Weak graphics card. Minimum requirements for Game Machine:
CUBA: 2.1
OpenCL 2.1

2. Incompatible software or outdated equipment.

What to do?
If your graphic card corresponds to minimum requirements and test doesn’t start, it will be better to apply to support. We will help you on an individual basic.

Will mining increase an impact on video card and computer operation?

Mining will not break your equipment for sure. The reason why video card can be damaged is overheating after mining in non-stop. To save our user’s equipment Game Machine stops automatically if temperature of video card achieves a certain mark.

How mining influences on computer operation depends on its power. Someone is playing games and mining at the same time, while others are able only to watch Youtube videos. To increase computer productivity an user can reduce mining intensity.

When mining is stopped computer needs some time to reestablish speed while graphic card is cooling down.

Game Machine automatically tracks temperature rising and stops mining when it is needed. A “thermometer” in the app shows recent video card temperature.

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51.4Mb, Windows 7+

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