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Can cause antiviruses warnings!

Can cause antiviruses warnings

Game Machine application can cause browser, operational system or antivirus warnings. During beta-testing Game Machine is spread without a digital sign and is absent in the trusted programs base. This is why such warnings may appear

Game Machine doesn't aim to hurt your or others PCs, so the warnings may be ignored

Recommended during the install

  1. After downloading the application it is recommended to stop the antivirus programs work
  2. In the moment of install launch an install confirmation request may appear Windows SmartScreen. For launching the application choose "Launch despite the warning" or other similiar points. For launching in the Windows 10 system you need to click the "Details" (or "More info") link, after that an install button will be active.
  3. After installing the applications and before launching it is recommended to add Game Machine in the list of the trusted antivirus programs.
  4. Not recommended turning the antivirus and other restricting programs on before passing the registration and software testing .

Technical support

If followed all the recomendations any problems with Game Machine shouldn't appear, but if you have any problems or questions just connect us through the instant connection form

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